Remapkey by Microsoft

By | 2016 年 5 月 9 日

Official remapkey.exe by MS. To edit the hardware keys to any keys you want.
Especially useful of Mac users on windows.
I always remap the “command” key to “control” and “control” to “command”. Then all the frequently used shortcuts like:

Cmd Windows Key Mac key
copy control + c command + c
paste control + v command + v
cut control + x command + x
select-all control + a command + a
save control + s command + s
new-tab control + t command + t
new-file control + n command + n

will remain the same as Mac OS.


Take my usage as example, swap the Command and Control:
Remapkey Usage

Open Remapkey.exe with Admin permission, then drag the left control on the above to the left windows in the bottom; and drag the left windows on the above to the left control at the bottom.
Then click the save and quit button.
It require a restart of windows, then enjoy!

Here is the software download: from


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